Katie & Young – Still do

Katie & Young – Still do

I love photography and I am always up for a celebration. As a family photographer in the Bay Area, California, I often have the privilege of combining my family photography with my client’s unique celebrations.

When Katie booked me for a family shoot at Vasona park, another one of these synergetic events were on the cards… Beautiful Katie and her handsome husband, Young, wanted to celebrate their 10 year wedding anniversary with a family photography session including their two gracious little girls. “We still DO banners and balloons”, was one of Katie’s comments and I knew this was going to be fun.
On a fresh, California fall morning we met at Vasona Lake park. The Bay Area morning light is soft and gentle and I could not wait for Katie and her family to arrive. When they stepped out of their vehicle, I knew I was in for a treat…
Young was dressed in a handsome,but striking blue suit. Katie looked amazing and almost seemed to float through the early morning light with her wonderful white dress. Their little girls, Isabella and Angelina, looked like little angels. Not only did they look like angels, but sure enough played the part. They were super cute and loved to twirl their dresses. Grandma and grandpa also came along for support and did a wonderful job (thank you:)
Vasona lake, early in the morning, is simply amazing. I did not worry about people in the background and was able to shoot at will. Katie and her family were simply great. Katie and Young seemed to be made for the camera, as they followed my directions with ease and confidence. They were Radiant withs smiles of love and joy and I hope my pictures can do them justice. Their banner and balloons were awesome. I count myself very lucky to be included in the celebration of their marriage and family. 10 Years anniversaries should be celebrated!
Katie and Young, thank you so much for including me in this celebration – I loved spending some time with you.
Marele xx
Ps: Tara, thank you very much for your assistance and support during the shoot.

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October 24, 2016

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