San Jose Family – Baby Lena

Scrolling through the images of the most recent fall family session, I asked myself: “Can I really be this lucky?”

The most stunning clients! I am very lucky and blessed to do what I love. I honestly believe that I was born to be a photographer. I love to eternalize others and their moments through my work.

I count myself lucky and blessed to perform my art during the golden hour of afternoon sunlight at locations like Vasona Lake, Los Gatos. The light is so soft and airy; the trees become the backdrop of a fairytale, the grass and leaves softly illuminates to transform into a carpet fit for royalty and the birds settling for the night choir performing in the king’s court.

And finally… I am the luckiest, because of my lovely clients. I love their excitement and enthusiasm to dress up and, for a few hours, step out of their daily routine and into the beauty and mystery of the last few hours of the day.

Reiko, Robert and Lena was no exception… The colors of their garments were light and subtle. Robert look smooth and he glowed with confidence. Reiko’s make-up was perfect and her smile contagious. And then there was Lena… What a little angel! She is probably a family photographer’s dream come true. With extreme patience she remained in one spot and posed with a rose from her father and later a cute little squirrel. Even having a few crackers, Lena was angelical. The afternoon light catching her dark brown hair could just as well have been a halo 🙂

Reiko, thank you for making me the lucky photographer to capture the most beautiful moments of your family! I really enjoyed our time together.

My occupation, the locations and my clients. All of the above makes me a very lucky and blessed person.

Thanks xx Marele 

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October 30, 2016

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