I’m Marele, wedding and family photographer. Born and raised in the beautiful Cape wine country of South Africa, I now find myself with my amazing husband and three blonde kiddos in the Tampa Bay Area / Sarasota, Florida.

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I only have a handful of baby pictures of myself. My parents lost most of their memories and pictures. The few photographs we had left are very dear to my heart. Growing up, I loved looking at them over and over however few they were.

I have always loved photos – I think a big part of it is because our family home burned down when I was 5 years old.

My story

Looking back, this is probably one of the primary reasons I started walking on the path of becoming a professional photographer. During my studies, I learned that the greek roots of the word photography breaks it down to painting with light. Something stirred in me and I knew I wanted to be an artist that can paint with light… Light, this ever changing and moving force, reflecting the world around us! To do what you love, has the tendency to unlock all of your energy and talent. Ever since I find myself fortunate to call this my job.

I just love weddings! The mix of emotions, the promise of a long life together, beautiful locations, breathtaking dresses, florals galore... it’s everything a girl can dream of. I feel honored to be able to help a wedding couple eternalize their most memorable day for generations to come.

The uncanny ability to perform under pressure, coupled with that no-compromise take on capturing the most beautiful reflections, initially drew me to wedding photography

Once I became a mother, the next phase of my career was launched. 

Family photography is the heart and soul of what I do. Being a mother to three perfect little blonde beings, I have a very good understanding - and high appreciation - for the effort and preparation needed to get that one perfect shot for your wall!
My wish for you is that one day, as you browse through family pictures with your grandchild on your lap, you will be able to cherish these everlasting memories of your family that I had the fortune of capturing for you.

Watching waves roll in and in and smelling the salty air…feeling soft, warm kisses from the sun juxtaposed by a cool seaside breeze. 
But I also really enjoy a glass of good red wine, rain drops trickling down the window and getting cozy with friends in front of a fire.

I Love the ocean

Taking to the road and discovering new favorite hideouts on a roadtrip to unknown destinations. The unknown is a thrill! I love Californian fresh fruits, dark chocolate and cuddling a squishy puppy!

I get excited by being impulsive

I never knew love until I met the three little sticky monsters who call me ‘mama’. I love nothing more than hearing their giggles, watching them play together and teaching them life lessons. My blonde and blue eyed boys and little girl are my most favorite things - and their amazing dad is not too bad either!

But - I now have three new most favorite things:

A few of my favorite things


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