Hong Family

I met Sunny Kim through a mutual friend. My oldest son, Juha and her daughter, Lina, are almost the same age. Their family of three is always smiling and we met in one of their local parks on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Fittingly dressed to match the lovely fall colour scheme, we laughed our way around the park and took great family portraits. Kee, her husband, loves photography and is always behind the camera and rarely on the photos, so daddy and Lina had a special time in front of the lens. Sunny gave Juha a cute Korean hat and he enjoyed posing with Lina for a few photos.

mjphoto-linahong_0000 mjphoto-linahong_0001 mjphoto-linahong_0002 mjphoto-linahong_0003 mjphoto-linahong_0004 mjphoto-linahong_0005 mjphoto-linahong_0006 mjphoto-linahong_0007 mjphoto-linahong_0008 mjphoto-linahong_0009 mjphoto-linahong_0010 mjphoto-linahong_0011 mjphoto-linahong_0012 mjphoto-linahong_0013 mjphoto-linahong_0014 mjphoto-linahong_0015 mjphoto-linahong_0016 mjphoto-linahong_0017 mjphoto-linahong_0018 mjphoto-linahong_0019 mjphoto-linahong_0020 mjphoto-linahong_0021 mjphoto-linahong_0022 mjphoto-linahong_0023 mjphoto-linahong_0024 mjphoto-linahong_0025 mjphoto-linahong_0026 mjphoto-linahong_0027 mjphoto-linahong_0028 mjphoto-linahong_0029 mjphoto-linahong_0030


December 19, 2014

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