Koen Family

I love to meet new people. We joined a lifegroup at Beacon church in Langebaan and we got to meet so many new and beautiful people! Johan, Michelle and tiny little Lily-May met me at the beach on a chilly west coast afternoon.

Michelle also spent a lot of years in the USA with a part of that time in California. I love meeting people who can share travel stories with me and who knows how great Burt’s Bees lip-ice is.
Lily-May is so fine and petite, she weighs a little bit less than my 1 year old and she just turned two. Hehe.. We played with sand and with dolls and Lily-May even cuddled her baby because of the chilly wind. Enjoy your sweet moments guys – Love that we can share life with you during this chapter of ours.

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December 19, 2014

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