Françoise Maternity

Taking pictures of my own or extended family is extra special to me. My cousin and her husband moved to Cupertino during the last year of our stay in the United States. How great to have family 20 minutes away when you live 17000km from home! They were blessed with their first pregnancy and I loved sharing this special time with my cousin. On a summer afternoon, we arranged a shoot of the beautiful mother to be. Bayshore park has a great combination of yellow grass fields, walk-ways along tall trees and lush green lawns. Françoise’s bright blue dress and baby bump jumped out against these backgrounds and made this maternity shoot a real pleasure. (Baby girl Sive has been born in the meantime and I can’t wait to meet her and take some pretty pictures of her cute face!) Come back here in January to see little Sive 😉

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December 19, 2014

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