Davina Portraits

Davina was dressed for success! She made for the perfect contrast against the Shoreline outdoor background. I really enjoyed taking these portraits for her. We had to capture professional portraits and some for personal use and she looked stunning. I met Davina in 2011 when we arrived in San Francisco, we have not seen each other for three years and it was great to hear from and see her again. Enjoy!

mjphoto-davina_0000 mjphoto-davina_0001 mjphoto-davina_0002 mjphoto-davina_0003 mjphoto-davina_0004 mjphoto-davina_0005 mjphoto-davina_0006 mjphoto-davina_0007 mjphoto-davina_0008 mjphoto-davina_0009 mjphoto-davina_0010 mjphoto-davina_0011 mjphoto-davina_0012 mjphoto-davina_0013 mjphoto-davina_0014 mjphoto-davina_0015 mjphoto-davina_0016 mjphoto-davina_0017 mjphoto-davina_0018 mjphoto-davina_0019 mjphoto-davina_0020 mjphoto-davina_0021 mjphoto-davina_0022 mjphoto-davina_0023 mjphoto-davina_0024 mjphoto-davina_0025 mjphoto-davina_0026 mjphoto-davina_0027 mjphoto-davina_0028 mjphoto-davina_0029 mjphoto-davina_0030 mjphoto-davina_0031 mjphoto-davina_0032 mjphoto-davina_0033 mjphoto-davina_0034 mjphoto-davina_0035 mjphoto-davina_0036 mjphoto-davina_0037


December 19, 2014

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