Ariel & Scott, San Francisco Engagement

Therefore what God has put together, May no man separate!

This is how I feel when I think of Ariel and Scott. They are the sweetest couple and a perfect match. When we moved back to the USA in January 2016 I was expecting my little girl, I had two boys 3 and under with no idea how and when I would be able to start my business again. With the idea of slowly starting with some work after my Lulu was born, I started to use some local to San Jose and Bay Area hashtags on my Instagram account.. I prayed for God’s hand over my business and to send me the right clients.

Low and behold I received an email from Ariel and I knew that this was going to be a great match. Ariel sounded so sweet and when I met them for coffee I knew that she is a precious soul.

Scott is like a Gentle Giant, it is so clear to me that he wants the absolute best for his future wife and that he will always protect her in his big arms! Scott has been a huge SF Giants fan since he was a little boy so they had to do some pictures at some locations with Golden Gate Bridge in the  background. Ariel and Scott will be tying the knot on April 2nd, 2017 and they were very creative with the back of their Giants jerseys.


I really enjoyed spending the afternoon with these two beautiful people and I feel honored to capture these precious memories for them! Future Mrs. and Mr. Pernice, I am very excited for you and for your special day coming soon. Thank you for trusting me and I hope you enjoy these xx

Marele xo


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November 12, 2016

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