Half Moon Bay Engagement

November 9, 2016

This is my first post in All Black & White, I feel like you should put on your favorite song and enjoy the emotions while you view these photos!

I simply love to perform engagement and wedding photography in the Bay Area. I am always excited to share in my client’s love story, but when Cameron contacted me, I was not only excited, but also intrigued… He wanted me to capture candid images of a surprise engagement shoot with his girlfriend, Brittany.

Half Moon Bay, on the West Coast, was the rendezvous point for my “mission”… Cameron planned everything to perfection. He arranged a day trip to Half Moon Bay with Brittany for the annual pumpkin festival. I was waiting on the hills when they arrived. To make myself less obvious, I agreed with a random couple on the beach to take pictures of their family as Cameron and Brittany came down the beach.
As soon as Cameron saw that I was in position, he took a selfie of the two of them and duly went down on one knee. He was so eager to pop the question, that he almost caught me off guard. I did however catch the moment of truth and luckily Brittany agreed to the proposal :-). As soon she said yes, their parents ran to them on the beach and congratulations were handed out all around. We captured moments for memory with everyone there and then continued with a mini engagement shoot.
I hope the images are evidence of the glow that Brittany walked around with during the shoot. She was so happy and Cameron could not wipe the smile from his face. We took awesome images on the beach and on the hills along the coast. As we concluded, it started to rain. I saw an opportunity for some sweet Rain Kisses!
They were showered with blessings as California needs this rain!
Cameron, thank you so much for trusting me with these wonderful memories. I wish Brittany and you Big love, laughter and happiness.
Marele xx
halfmoonbay_engagement_marelestrydom_0001 halfmoonbay_engagement_marelestrydom_0002 halfmoonbay_engagement_marelestrydom_0003
A little note to Brit from Cameron:
“I Love You!
I am beyond Excited to be able to share my future with you.
You are my best friend and I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you.
You are such an incredible woman and I can’t wait until we are married!”



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