Mr William, Mountain View Family

The Dudley family celebrated the six-month anniversary of baby William with a family photo session at Cuesta Park, Mt View. I was the lucky photographer they selected to join the anniversary celebration.

Jon and William were striking in their matching khaki and blue polo shirts. Sara’s beautiful and flowing green dress was the perfect contrast. The family blossomed in front of my camera and the images of their spontaneous laughter in the golden light were magical. William found the carpet of pine leaves and sticks at the park fascinating. He kept on picking up the leaves and his big brown eyes were inspecting every detail. No surprise that it eventually made it into his mouth!

Once more I was blessed with the opportunity to spend time with an awesome family in a great Bay Area location. Sara, Jon and William, thank you for making me a part of your celebration.

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October 22, 2016

  1. Beautiful, memorable pictures of family, mom and dad separately with William and sweet William playing./tasting things in the woods! Love the close up shots of his chubby hands and face! Beautiful family!!
    Great job capturing the JOY of this family!! Love every picture!!

    • Marele says:

      Thank You very much Janice – You have a beautiful family! It was a pleasure to spend some tie with them and William is so adorable! xx

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