Ané and Chandré – Mother & daughter, Langebaan flower season.

Flowers are beautiful to look at and beautiful to hold. They also announce the coming of a refreshing new season. Here on the West Coast of South Africa, we are blessed with the most colourful display of enormous patches of wild flowers. Every possible patch of open land is transformed into the most amazing mix of yellow, orange, purple, pink and white. This flowery canvas was very fitting for little Ané and her mommy Chandré. Ané explored the flowery wonderland with just the right blend of childlike curiosity and royal lady-ness… Thank you for bracing a chilly Langebaan northwestern for these portraits. Mother, daughter and flowers complimented each other amazingly.

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August 30, 2015

  1. Nita Brandf says:

    Dit is asemrowend mooi. Pragtige Chandre en Ane.
    Fotograaf het dit mooi en natuurlik gedoen

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