Kusjka and Lily, West Coast Family shoot.

Dearest Kusjka,


We’ve not been friends for so long but I feel blessed that our paths crossed. You are such a passionate and loving person – I pray you have a year full of joys and Much Love!

I loved spending time with you and your sweet Lily on this misty morning in Langebaan – you guys have such a sweet relationship. xxx Marele

Kusjka is a very talented photographer and friend of mine on the West Coast and I really enjoyed hanging out with her and Lily. Ryno joined in on the fun, He is a big part of their lives and he is embarking on some big adventures soon – all the best to you my friend!

Enjoy these memories together!

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August 14, 2015

  1. Kusjka says:

    Dis so lekker om terug te kom en al die mooi fotos weer te kyk. My hart is werklik dankbaar, vir Lily en al my anders seeninge, soos jy en Ryno <3 Dankie dankie dankie! x

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