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Newborn sessions with first time parents are very rewarding. There is so much “behind the scenes” work, just to get those great first newborn shots. Once you deliver those pictures, the joy and gratitude of the parents, make it all worthwhile!

Bryce and Vicky lives in downtown San Jose with two amazing Pup brothers, Bandit and Taz. When I walked into their condo I was thinking: ” Dang, this is nice!”. Sunlight filled each room from the big open windows and bounced of big walls. Excitement filled the air, the only way it does when a newborn baby arrives. The session was a gift from Vicky’s sister and I loved being invited to capture images of their new life together. As if the setting and sunlight was not good enough, Bryce and Vicky looked like they were ready to step out for a hot date! Bandit and Taz were all groomed and ready. Then I saw baby Logan… In her little white crochet outfit and headbans, she was instragram ready and I could not wait to start snapping pictures. 🙂
Daddy Bryce is very hands on and simply adores his little girl. Logan is named after one of the X-men characters. She was so calm and easy to work with and it was awesome to just enjoy her newness. She simply has the cutest little lips and expressions. Vicky was patient in working with Logan and help putting her to sleep during the shoot. Bandit and Taz act as Logan’s big brothers and they were in and out all of the time, making sure little sister is O.K.
Bryce, Vicky, Logan, Bandit and Taz, thank you for the opportunity to step into your life for a brief moment. I really appreciate your friendliness and kindness and hope you love these sweet memories.
Marele xoxo

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March 11, 2019

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