The Mariadass Family – Sunnyvale Mother’s day Mini Session

When your family lives thousands of miles away and you find friends who become your family – That is #Priceless!

John “Uncle” & Madhavi “Auntie” has been our neighbors for a while and we can’t imagine having better neighbors and friends. Our kids play well together and very often we help each other out with life and not enough milk or potatoes 🙂

I was very pleased when they joined in the fun of my recent Spring and Mother’s Day mini sessions at Baylands Park in Sunnyvale. Madhavi and Sarayu’s flowery dresses played really well with the theme of Spring and my floral wreaths I made. John looked strong and royal in his solid blue and khaki. Sarayu was a true little model and blossomed in front of the camera. She reacted to all of my instructions and was a complete pleasure to photograph. It took a few jokes to get everyone at ease, but you’ll agree that after the ice broke, the family was springing into action and putting their best foot forward.
We had a great time and the images is the proof. I loved every moment of capturing these portraits!
Thank you Madhavi, Sarayu and John. Not just for bringing your best to the shoot, but also for everything else you do for my family and I.



And… Our little Lulu just loves Sarayu, her favorite neighbor! Lulu got hold of Madhavi’s lip gloss 😉




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May 6, 2018

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