Francois and Tanya, South Africa

One lazy afternoon, during our vacation in Langebaan, South Africa, I noticed frantic activity on the rocks in front of our house. There was a white heart on the rocks and I thought it was a surprise engagement setup. Unable to contain my curiosity, I wondered down…

Low and behold, the folks were preparing for an intimate wedding, with less than 20 guests. Once I heard that an aunt was tasked to take pictures with an iPad, I volunteered my services. I also dug up my wedding decor and assisted to hang the purple and white Chinese lanterns. My Sister-in-law was on holiday with us and she jumped in to help make the sweet couple’s day special!
Francois was the proud groom, getting married to the love of his life, Tanya. They’ve known each other since they were 3 years old and here they are today, getting married on the beautiful West Coast. Francois was smashingly handsome and practiced his ‘blue steel’ look during a quick groom portrait session.
Tanya made her entrance from the top of the dune down the dark, wooden staircase. Her dress flowed in the wind, in unison with the Chinese lanterns. She was glowing and happy, floating down the stairs.
The small group of family and friends witnessed an endearing ceremony. Unfortunately we ran out of light for some couple portraits. I arranged with Francois and Tanya to meet me a few days later for a sunset session.
During the soft, golden light of the West Coast, we captured the most amazing couple portraits. The couple bloomed in the sunset like a stylish Cape protea. Tanya‘s dress was a great contrast against the Atlantic ocean. Francois’ frame was solid and sturdy, the perfect compliment for Tanya‘s feminine and soft lines. We ended with a great dress trash!
Francois and Tanya, thank you for the opportunity to play a role in your special day!



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January 10, 2018

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