Kilroe-Smith Family, West Coast

I had so much fun at Club Mykonos on the West Coast this weekend. Claire called me earlier on the day to express their excitement for the shoot later the afternoon. All the ladies of the family were doing their nails, hair and dressing up, and her solitary husband judged all the modeling.

What a beautiful family they are! John, her husband is so loving and kind. He has all the patience in the world and is a great father to their girls. This makes it possible for Claire to blossom, and that is exactly what she did in front of the camera. Their three awesome girls are such a great example of how a family has siblings with completely different personalities. Isabel, the oldest, were strutting her modeling moves and simply loving the camera. Gabriella were picking up sea glass on the beach and explaining to me how rare it is to find these…  And the youngest Chelsea – Well, she gave me a run for my money. A very busy little bee, she had me pulling all my tricks just to have her sit down for a picture and smiling. I simply love these family interactions….

Claire and Jon, thank you so much for letting me spend the afternoon with your family and capturing these beautiful moments. Marele xmarelestrydom_family_photography_0150marelestrydom_family_photography_0151 marelestrydom_family_photography_0152 marelestrydom_family_photography_0153 marelestrydom_family_photography_0154 marelestrydom_family_photography_0155 marelestrydom_family_photography_0156 marelestrydom_family_photography_0157 marelestrydom_family_photography_0158 marelestrydom_family_photography_0159 marelestrydom_family_photography_0160 marelestrydom_family_photography_0161 marelestrydom_family_photography_0162 marelestrydom_family_photography_0163 marelestrydom_family_photography_0164 marelestrydom_family_photography_0165 marelestrydom_family_photography_0166 marelestrydom_family_photography_0167 marelestrydom_family_photography_0168 marelestrydom_family_photography_0169 marelestrydom_family_photography_0170 marelestrydom_family_photography_0171 marelestrydom_family_photography_0172 marelestrydom_family_photography_0173 marelestrydom_family_photography_0174 marelestrydom_family_photography_0175 marelestrydom_family_photography_0176 marelestrydom_family_photography_0177 marelestrydom_family_photography_0178 marelestrydom_family_photography_0179 marelestrydom_family_photography_0180 marelestrydom_family_photography_0181 marelestrydom_family_photography_0182 marelestrydom_family_photography_0183 marelestrydom_family_photography_0184 marelestrydom_family_photography_0185 marelestrydom_family_photography_0186 marelestrydom_family_photography_0187  marelestrydom_family_photography_0189 marelestrydom_family_photography_0190 marelestrydom_family_photography_0191 marelestrydom_family_photography_0192 marelestrydom_family_photography_0188


December 21, 2015

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