Adéle and Hennie Elopement, Shark Bay

Even though weddings share the age old theme of love, they come along in very different shapes and sizes. The intricate details of a couple’s life, is what makes their love story unique and wonderful to capture.

On an awesome West Coast morning, I found myself on a beautiful secluded beach. I was in the very privileged position to photograph the elopement of Hennie and Adéle. Being only one of six people, spoke to me about the endless boundaries so fitting of love. Two people found each other. Their life stories are immensely different, but on that little beach in a glorious golden sunrise, they decided to intertwine their paths.
Hennie, dressed in casual shorts, walked bare foot with me down to the beach. Like the gentleman he is, he helped to prepare for his eternal promise: He helped to setup the back drop and hung the flower vases. Patiently we waited for his bride…
And she came… Yes, love gives hope. Hope that is not disappointed. Adéle arrived in a elegant, beautiful lace dress. Her eyes sparkled at the sight of her husband to be. She was happy to see him. And he gleamed from ear to ear…
During an emotional and short ceremony, even the pastor shed a tear. His words floated on the morning breeze and drifted over the calm lagoon waves. A new love was announced to the world. A new, eternal love…
Hennie and Adéle, thank you again for allowing me the fortune of experiencing your beautiful day. I’ll always remember it!
Flowers and Floral crown done by Marele Strydom 🙂
Make-up artist: Lori Anne Callanan

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November 17, 2015

  1. Sonja Labuschagne says:

    Dit is die mooiste troue met die pragtigste foto’s! Ek wens ek kon ook daaraan deel gehad het!!

  2. Hennie Coetzee says:

    Marele, thank you very much. You captured the moment for me. I will always remember that day as one of the highlights of my life.

    • stefan van rensburg says:

      Pragtige pragtige fotos. Adele jy het pragtig gelyk. Jy was nog altyd pragtig. Tyd het jou goed behandel. Hennie ek is verheug vir jou ook. Jy is deur ñ ordeal in jou lewe. God bless julle en julle nuwe hoofstuk saam. STEFAANS

  3. Gerrit Eksteen says:

    Jissie my friend ek is so bly vir julle ek kan sien jy is weer gelukkig en ek speek net voorspoed en nie teespoed vir julle uit mag God self julle pad met rose uit lê!! Liefde groete die Eksteentjies!!!

  4. Paula Yon says:

    Weereens a big congrats! Wens jul net die beste vir die toekoms!! Pragtige fotos

  5. Anita Hougaard says:

    Dit is sooooo mooi. Adele en haar man straal van geluk. Ek bid hul toe `n lang en vervulde, gelukkige huwelik!!

  6. susan mostwert says:

    You go girl. Jy verdien elke bietjie geluk . Mag God se seen julle huwelik bedek

  7. Runa Schulz says:

    Dearest Adele, be happy always! With Yahweh in your boat, it will be smooth sailing …… Always pray together, never go to bed angry, keep no secrets, forgive and forget, love unconditionally… May Father bless you and Hennie abundantly! You looked beautiful in turquoise! Every photograph is stunnig!

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