Wallace Family

Fall in the USA is so beautiful! All the colours of the leaves is breathtaking! In California it’s at the end of a dry summer and the open fields are all brown and waiting for the winter rain. Against this beautiful backdrop, I met the Wallace family at one of the many open spaces in Saratoga. I met Anna at our church groups when we just arrived in San Francisco in 2011. I was doing some babysitting and so I got to know Zach and little Adi since they were babies. The kids adore their daddy, Brian and I love seeing such special bonds. An old bridge and a random barn made for some nice family portraits. The constant flow of doggy walkers provided good entertainment and I had a blast taking pictures of this sweet family.

mjphoto-wallace_0000 mjphoto-wallace_0001 mjphoto-wallace_0002 mjphoto-wallace_0003 mjphoto-wallace_0004 mjphoto-wallace_0005 mjphoto-wallace_0006 mjphoto-wallace_0007 mjphoto-wallace_0008 mjphoto-wallace_0009 mjphoto-wallace_0010 mjphoto-wallace_0011 mjphoto-wallace_0012 mjphoto-wallace_0013 mjphoto-wallace_0014 mjphoto-wallace_0015 mjphoto-wallace_0016 mjphoto-wallace_0017 mjphoto-wallace_0018 mjphoto-wallace_0019 mjphoto-wallace_0020 mjphoto-wallace_0021 mjphoto-wallace_0022 mjphoto-wallace_0023 mjphoto-wallace_0024 mjphoto-wallace_0025mjphoto-wallace_0026 mjphoto-wallace_0027 mjphoto-wallace_0028 mjphoto-wallace_0029 mjphoto-wallace_0030 mjphoto-wallace_0031


December 20, 2014

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